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Rugs House India – About Us

Rugs House India is an area rugs manufacturer, Import/Export firm in India. Currently, managed by 4th generation of this family business, Rugs House India has been in rug manufacturing business since last 50 years. Rugs House employs 500+ poor village weavers directly or indirectly; and is a direct source of income for 100s of families around the village of Khamaria, Bhadohi.

Rugs House India wishes is to keep the tradition of rug weaving going and growing so that Rugs House can employ more weavers and improve their standard of living. Rugs House is also running a Women's Training Center in collaboration with Indian government to train women and girls from around Khamaria. Rug Making is one & only industry in this area, and is a major source of income for the people.

Rugs House India is committed to the creation of outstanding pieces from large and small scale commercial projects to striking on-off residential pieces. With a wide range of textures, fibers, colors, finishes, and the ability to custom design, we work to find a custom solution for every project.


Turkish Knott Rugs, Hand Knotted Rugs, 500+ Weavers, Hand Tufted Rugs

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  • Industry

    Import and Export

  • Type

    Privately Held

  • Headquarters

    Khalwapur, Khamaria Bhadohi, UP221306 India

  • Company Size

    501-1000 employees